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  One and half decades of green energy development excellence

Who we are
ENCO Private limited was incorporated in 1997 with the intention of developing micro hydro power projects to support rural community who has been unable to reach the national electricity grid. Today ENCO is a reputed hydropower developer in south Asia and East Africa. ENCO is the sister company of Hydro Power International (Pvt) Ltd and subsidiaries with Davora (Pvt) Ltd and RSL Ceramic (Pvt) ltd.
We are aiming to utilize our technical expertise/ know-how, professional skills and background and become the most prominent engineering service provider in the disciplines of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

Our Vision
To be among the market leaders of providing innovative high quality professional services

Our Mission
Harness and develop the knowledge and capacity of the engineering community in order to attain proficiency and achieve the deliverables with built-in-quality through professionalism within the scope of our undertakings.


ENCO Private limited was incorporated in 1997 with the intention of developing off grid micro hydro power projects to support the rural community who are unable reach the national electricity grid. Since 1998, ENCO has successfully completed 14 projects in Sri Lanka, electrifying 975 households. Many more Mini and micro hydro projects are under feasibility stage.

Our aim is to utilize the technical expertise/ know-how, professional and skilled background with own technical staff and links with financial establishments of HPI and volunteer labor taken from the village in order to implement the project in a more effective manner.

The Village Hydro power projects that we have completed are recognized as the best projects done in Asia under World Bank Funded RERED Project.

Followed by the ENCO’s continuous success in Sri Lanka it was awarded with four Micro hydro projects in Rwanda by the United Nation’s Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Our maiden project in Rwanda Nyamyotsi 1 was successfully commissioned in September 2006 and three more projects adding up to 0.77MW were commissioned in each year from 2006. Our experienced technical knowhow in hydro power plant construction blends with ability to work together with different communities achieved all these successes during past years.

ENCO has been commissioned 60 kW Yandonhun SHPP as EPC contract for RREA, Liberia under World Bank Supervision and guidelines and the feasibility study of 10 projects were done to select best 4 to invest by MLME of Liberia.

Our latest overseas project done by ENCO is 1.5MW Iraru MHPP as EPC contract for Kenya Tea development Authority in Republic of Kenya. Also feasibility has done for 6MW Thin Gan Tone MHPP at Dawei in Myanmar and approval process is ongoing.

Also many more implementations are ongoing in tea sector under civil and mechanical superior to expand the factories in to standard level.


G.H. Perera Mawatha, Rattanapitiya,
Sri Lanka


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